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  The role-players in Role-Players NGA are all professional actors. They are known personally by Nick Gasson and have a proven track record of providing high quality role-playing for us and, in most cases, for other well known and respected role-playing companies. To be engaged by us, the actors must also have experience of working in the business world, either in a previous career or working in business alongside their acting careers. We carefully match actors to clients' requirements, in terms of age, sex and ethnicity. We also consider the business area and level: boardroom/professional/public authority/retail/shop floor etc.

After initial consultation, we provide you with a mini role-playing biography of each actor we suggest for your requirements.

 This includes:
 Name and playing (acting) age 
 Role-playing experience
 Companies and business areas role-played for
 Real life experience of the business world
  Once actors are known to our clients, they often ask for the availability of our actors by name.

Perhaps the biggest factor to set the provision of Nick Gasson Associates role-players apart from other firms is that of cost. We pay the industry standard to our actors to ensure that we always have actors of the highest calibre. However, we operate at minimal operating costs and these savings benefit our clients directly in the form of lower fees, which are, we believe, the most competitive in the industry.

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