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  We have come through the difficulties of the recession with our clients. Now it seems that many organisations are putting their thoughts once more to recruiting, training and retaining their people as we head for a welcome return to growth.

We have seen a huge growth in enquiries for role-player services in the past few months. Our valued clients are resuming and expanding their training and recruitment programmes, while enquiries from other organisations have grown five-fold. We are delighted to welcome our newest clients, including Northumbria Business School and Northumbria School of Law, and the Deloitte University in Europe.  Our fees are extremely competitive and yet we maintain the highest level of personal service. We find that we consistently quote lower than our main competitors because we have low overheads. This means we are also able to pay our actors more.   We are a ‘one point of contact’ business. All client contact is through Nick Gasson.

Role-Players NGA employ some of the best and most experienced role-players in the country. All are professionally trained actors.  Click here to find out more.

  Role-Players NGA  provide professional actors to role-play on corporate training programmes. Increasingly, all kinds of businesses and government agencies use actors for role-playing. Actors bring learning points to life by giving participants the opportunity to practise scenarios they will encounter in the workplace in 'real life' situations. Facilitators who use other participants or employees to play these roles know how frustrating it can be. Often, people don't prepare the role properly and don't know what is required, or they don't take it seriously. Others may exaggerate the role so that it is unrealistic. And yet you could hire professional actors to play these roles in the knowledge that the outcomes are  
  more successful. Indeed, this can be an inexpensive way to help guarantee that your learning and development objectives are achieved.

We supply actors according to your own requirements in terms of age, sex and experience. The actors can variously play junior members of staff and shop floor workers, through all levels to directors, government ministers and judges. We can help you to design your role-play scenarios and make sure the actors have all the information they need to play the roles convincingly.  

Nick Gasson has been extensively involved in corporate training as a consultant and facilitator for over twenty years. Together with his other role as a professional actor he has always known the power of using actors in a training environment. Over the years he has amassed a wealth of experience and a huge pool of professional actors who role-play under the Role-Players NGA umbrella.   

There are a number of companies specialising in providing actors for role-play. Role-Players NGA has a unique position in the industry and these pages set out what sets us apart and why.


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